Management and maintenance

We work for various customers, each with their own individual character and vision.

We also consider sustainability to be a common thread in which the discussion can be started about prices and materials and C-M-C bv can also contribute to overall improvements, not only in terms of direct cost savings.

With a record of complete satisfaction, we now provide this service for various chains such as Nespresso, Jysk, Frites Ateliers and JD Sports. We receive reports via the head office or directly from the sites and distribute them to the implementing parties.

If necessary, we request quotes for the reported work when they exceed a predetermined amount.

By charging a fixed monthly amount per store, your organization knows what your annual management costs are. We prefer to implement small-scale maintenance for you for fixed amounts, whereby we ‘give something to one person and take something from the other’.

As a result, facilities last longer and the store benefits more.

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