Construction Advice

We are an architectural consultancy that has been supporting chain companies with their expansion since 1999,

as well as site renovations and other adaptation work at their sites.

C-M-C bv is an independent architectural consultancy. We do not work on turnkey projects as a matter of principle.

Turnkey projects ensure that independent decisions cannot be made, because there is a trade-off from a financial viewpoint that always costs the turnkey party money, so that there is no longer any independent advice.

We conduct our activities on a quotation basis including an open budget.

This ensures that, for you as a customer, it’s clear and straightforward what you can expect from us. Doing additional work is unusual for us, unless drastic changes are made by the customer.

C-M-C bv can support you in conducting architectural surveys, creating construction drawings, designs of structural components and processing environmental permits, as well as use reports/use permits.

If desired, we can offer support in the implementation process in requesting quotes, drawing up work descriptions and supervision/management during implementation.

We work for various customers, each with their own individual character. We consider sustainability to be a common thread in which the discussion can be started about prices and materials and C-M-C bv can also contribute to overall improvements, not only in terms of direct cost savings.

Ultimately, high quality does cost money; it’s simply a matter of precisely how much.

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