Hotels and Hospitality

Because we see hotel construction or hotel renovation as being a store process, we approach modifications and renovations of a hotel environment in the same way as renovating a store. Ultimately, it’s about making modifications, renovations or entire construction projects proceed as smoothly as possible.

By planning and delivering everything on time, construction time and nuisances are minimized.

We are an architectural consultancy that has been supporting chain companies with their expansion since 1999,

as well as assisting with their construction and renovation projects.

C-M-C bv is an independent architectural consultancy. We do not work on turnkey projects as a matter of principle. Turnkey projects ensure that independent decisions cannot be made, because a trade-off from a financial viewpoint must be made with regard to independent advice. There can be no independent advice if this results in a financial loss.

We conduct our activities on a quotation basis including an open budget. This ensures that, for you as a customer, it’s clear and straightforward what you can expect from us. Doing additional work is unusual for us, unless drastic changes are made by the customer.

Ultimately, high quality does cost money; it’s only about in what capacity.

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